resume tips from amybeth hale

Amybeth Hale skypes in to Dr. Kaye Sweetser’s public relations writing class on March 31, 2009 to provide resume tips.
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Work from Home Career Options

One of the biggest changes that Internet revolution has brought in the lives of the ordinary, regular people like us, is that it has opened the door to a new career for one and all where people are successfully working from home online from the comforts of their homes and are making a comfortable living. Internet has already produced number of millionaires that we couldn’t even have imagined 20 years ago.

Work from home career option was unheard of till a few years back. There were jobs and there…


Making a Decision to Move From Self-Employment to Employment

Many people start their careers by looking for employment after college and then later leaving their jobs for their own businesses. This is because employment enables them to raise capital, interact with potential customers and get business ideas which would be pertinent for their personal business to prosper.

There are times when a self employed person may experience difficulties in their business and may need to go back to employment. With the world’s economy experiencing recession, many small businesses have had to close and the business owners have had…


Scott Lee Cohen: Success Stories from Scott’s Job Fair!

While career politicians find jobs for their friends, Scott Lee Cohen is finding jobs for real people. Scott Lee Cohen is working hard to get Illinois back on the right track by holding job fairs to connect job seekers with employers who are hiring now. Scott is a successful businessman,not a career politician. As Lieutenant Governor, Scott will continue to focus on job creation and recruiting businesses to relocate in Illinois.
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Iraq War Veterans – From a Tank to a Tanking Economy

Veterans return home to find employees wary of sleepless soldiers and their struggles. Brian Jacobson’s fast food job didn’t wait for him. Spc. Efran Martinez may not have a job, but he has a Purple Heart. Blue in the face at www.michaelmoore.com
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Help From A Good Resume Writing Service Will Ensure The Call For An Interview

Working for a perfect company is what everyone dreams of. Every applicant wishes for the perfect job. But it all depends on how successful the applicants are at convincing the prospective employer of their suitability. As a rule, all companies require applicants to forward their resumes. These resumes have to be written perfectly in order for them to be considered for interviews. As most applicants do not wish to take the risk of their résumés being rejected, they obtain the services of a good resume writing service to guide…


Career Change Help – How You Benefit From It

To anyone who knows how to search the Internet or can gain access to a job search network or library, finding help is easy for those who are facing career change. For those people who need assistance in their career change, there are persons and locations that can provide help with searching a new occupation.

Aid can come in various forms such as help in writing cover letters, creating a resume, and assisting a worker where to find his new career. The help given will depend on each worker’s…


A Prospective Employer Wants Something Special From You! Can You Deliver?

Meeting with a prospective employer is ground zero in your job search. Success means you have to come to come out ahead in your face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer. Sadly, since most people really don’t know what an employer wants from you, they miss the boat.

In our minds we typically picture a job search interview like this:

You shake hands and say “hello.”

You sit down across the desk from an interviewer.

Your resume is sitting on the desk.

He/she asks you…


Work from Home With Temp Writing Jobs

You have all the flexibility you could ever want in a job when you take temp writing jobs and work from home. There are many people who need the services of a writer for small and large projects, such as creating web content for sites, preparing sales letters, resume writing, writing ebooks and more. If you have a talent for creating exciting and informational content and you have a good grasp of English grammar and punctuation, you can earn a good living working at these types of jobs.


Job Search From Home

Visit the Hot Jobs and Employment section of 2 Get Work to get the help needed for finding a great job and discovering the many techniques needed to pass that key job interview. !

In response to a great number of layoffs across the country,American Consultants Inc.(ACI), an Atlanta based company, built a much needed online one stop site at 2 Get Work with over 7000 top retailers and services. Heavy emphasis was placed on employment since many clients of American Consultants Inc. throughout the country were…


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