**resume help please- nontraditional student reentering workforce w career change*?

i am redoing my resume for on campus recruiting.
some pertinent information-
associate degree in pre-engineering plus 5 years engineering support experience.
return to school for business- some business management experience and finance internship.
i have a 2 page resume. I was always told to keep it to one page.
EVERYTHING on my resume seems pertinent to showcasing my assets/skills.

for current students- aren’t i supposed to list academics before experience?
HOWEVER, i am a nontraditional student with lots of great work experience-…


Your Career Change Resume – How To Get It Right

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Career Day

Product Description

Jessica’s mother is a veterinarian. Pablo’s father is a construction worker. Michiko’s mother writes books. What kinds of work do people you know do?

On Career Day the children in Mrs. Madoff’s class take turns introducing special visitors. Every visitor has something interesting to share, and together the class learns all about the different work people do.

In the fourth Mrs. Madoff book, Anne and Lizzy Rockwell revisit Mrs. Madoff’s class as they help young readers explore the question, “What do you want to be when you…


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Matching your Requirements

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Choosing A Career Path To Follow – A Tough Decision

Making up your mind as to what you want to do in life is so difficult. Especially today, given the myriad options, with each profession looking better than the other. And you are not too sure what exactly it is you want to pursue. Enter the wonderful world of job fairs. Walk in and you will see a vista of opportunities light up before your eyes, options even within professions.

You can talk to people from various companies, find recruiters who will tell you what they are looking…


Police Career – How to Keep Police Stress Syndrome From Taking Over Your Life

The law enforcement profession is legendary for its high stress. It is repeatedly in the top ten of most stressful jobs. And there’s nothing like police work to make a candidate for ‘bringing your work home with you’, because you naturally encounter things on the job that take some processing in the off hours to deal with.

The first tip is to lose the macho exterior. As John Wayne said, courage isn’t not being scared. Courage is being scared as heck – and saddling up anyway. Acknowledge that…


Inspiration Part 3a – Meditation B – Visualisation for Success Health Career Life Goals, Everything

This is the first of a two part Video (3a and 3b). This, and the second part together, form the second in my overall series focusing on different forms of Meditation (see the first in the series entitled “Inspiration Part 2 Meditation Part A – Completely Clearing Your Mind Every Day For A Fresh Start”). In these two Videos, I begin to explore the reasons and methods you can use to Visualize who you want to be and to Visualise the exact outcomes…


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The Role Of Parents In Career Development

In order to succeed in this area, you need to be sure to listen to them and be open to ideas spoken. Try to help them with further information, and try never to be judgmental. As a parent, you should know that career development and planning might affect your child’s future. There are many ways in which you as a parent can help your child.

-Career Center Visit- Whenever you pass by a career center, don’t forget to pick up a business card. When you find your child…


Career Path Resume

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