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A video request for help with college tuition and expenses while I pursue an education career as a mature student.
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Career help for MSc International Health Management

MSc International Health Management students speak about the help they recieved from the Imperial College Business School Career Development Team
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The Complete Resume Job Search Book for College Students: The A-To-Z Career Guide for College Students and Recent Grads Who Want to Stand Out from the … Off on the Right Foot, Land the Best Job Po

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The Complete Resume & Job Search Book for College Students has the answers to every question relating to resumes. This invaluable resource also provides over forty winning resumes and matching cover letters, quick tips to give your job search a boost, and an online appendix full of great resources for helping you find a job on the World Wide Web.

The Complete Resume & Job Search Book for College Students is the best job-hunting resource designed specifically for college students and recent grads. Let this book help you…


Career help for MSc Management

MSc Management students speak about the help they recieved from the Imperial College Business School Career Development Team
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The Career Makeover: 7 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Makeovers on television shows and in magazines are enticing for women the world over. Of course the reason they are so popular, is because the idea of getting a fresh start in life is a golden key we have all dreamt about at one time or another. No matter what their lives are like, everyone has something they wish could be different – their home, their body, their friends, and even their career.

Career makeovers are not a new concept and if you think about it, making over…


Career help and Job in India


India has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the last decade. Opening up of the economy through privatization, globalization and allied measures added the growth. One of the fastest growing sector is the IT and telecommunications sector. Infrastructure followed suite. Joint ventures with foreign partners were allowed in insurance, telecommunication and several other sectors. This led to a boom not only in those sectors but in related sectors including banking and education.


The increased demand for finance also witnessed a major growth in the banking sector. Thus, there…


Get Career Help – How to Apply For a Job on Line

In today’s computerized world it has become more and more common to apply for a job online. Pen and paper applications are quickly becoming antiques. Sending online applications saves time and money and in the long run is more convenient for both the possible employee and the employer. But do keep in mind that the same proper etiquette is required when when applying on line. Your best writing skills must be used in the same way as if you were using pen and paper. In this article I will…


My Freelance Career : All About Freelance Resume Writing Jobs

Experienced professional writer with over two decades of freelance experience shares his advice on freelancing as a resume writer either as a home-based business or to supplement your freelance (1099) income in a recession. You will learn typical pay rates, who your clients are, where to find jobs, and what to write about. Brian Scott is founder of www.online-writing-jobs.com as well as many other popular freelancing sites.
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Career Advice: Resume Writing – Part 2 of 6

Career Counselor and US News Contributing Editor Marty Nemko helps us get through the dreaded resume.
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9 Keys to Job Search & Career Success

In recent months, the job market has become increasingly competitive. But even as the economy slows, and there are increasing numbers of job seekers in the job market, there are many professionals who have been incredibly successful in conducting fast, effective job searches. What do they have in common? How are they doing it? Here are nine tips to speed your own job search and drive it to a fast, successful conclusion.

Know what you want and go after it. Starting a job search without knowing what you want will…


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