Do you dream of days filled with making crafts and singing songs? If so, a degree in Early Childhood Education could set you on the path to your ideal career. Children learn through play, filling your day with fun if you are working to teach young children. Take a look at some fun and rewarding careers you can have with an Early Childhood Education degree.

1. Daycare Provider

If you want to have a rewarding career but dread being away from your own children all day, consider becoming a daycare provider. Daycare providers help other parents by watching their children during the day while they are at work. You can watch children in your own home, meaning you can be home to spend time playing with your own kids while letting them make friends at the same time.

2. Preschool Teacher

You don’t need to watch children in your own house to have a day full of fun while you teach a group of young kids. As a preschool teacher you can have more structure to your day with scheduled times for reading, snacks, and recess. There will also be other teachers and administrators around, giving you some adult interaction during the day.

3. Childcare Center Manager

If you have a knack for business, a position as a childcare center manager can let you be surrounded by playing children and still close your door on the chaos when you need some quiet time. To become a childcare center manager, supplement your early childhood education courses with some general business courses like management and accounting to give you an advantage when it comes to the business side of things.

4. College Professor

Getting a degree in early childhood education doesn’t mean you actually need to teach young children. If you enjoy learning about how children are taught but would rather stay out of the fray yourself, you can opt to teach adults, instead, by becoming an instructor at a college or university for others who are pursuing their degrees.

5. Overseas Teacher

Countries like Japan are always looking for native English-speaking teachers to teach their youngsters the right way to speak English. If you love to travel and explore, teaching in another country can help you fulfill your desires to wander and see new things while still having a rewarding career teaching young children who love to have you around.

6. Military Base Teacher

If you enjoy traveling to far away countries but would feel a little lost in a foreign culture, you can teach young children of military personnel at international military bases. You would have the comfort of being around other Americans all day, with the ability to see foreign cities after your work is done.

Earning your degree in early childhood education doesn’t necessarily mean you need to teach young children, although you can expect fun-filled days if you do. You can also choose to incorporate your other strengths, like a good business sense or a desire to travel as part of your career in childhood education.

About the author: Estella Allen is a freelance blogger who loves working with young children. Estella advises those who want to make a career out of Early Childhood Education to get an online masters in education, because of the myriad opportunities it offers.


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