A job resume will need to stand out from others if someone wants to be hired for a job. A strong resume is necessary in the modern age to make a good impression on a potential employer. Some tips can help job hunters prepare outstanding resumes that will help them acquire the job they desire.

Tips for a Resume to Stand Out in the Modern Age

1. Be creative by adding a portfolio with the resume. A portfolio will give a potential employer an idea of what an individual is capable of doing. It will show a potential employer the qualifications of an individual and the skills that he or she might possess. The portfolio should include past work experiences, and it should show specific information of an individual’s skills. The potential employer will know that the individual is well qualified for a particular task when it is displayed creatively in a portfolio. This individual will stand out among the other candidates that did not prepare a portfolio.

2. With the new technology of the modern age, a resume can be sent to prospective employers through networks. Setting up resumes on the web will let others know of your availability to work. Social networks allow individuals to build relationships and find prospective employers. Resumes can be emailed to potential companies, or a resume can be filed on several sites that offer jobs, which will allow it to be seen by more people.

3. A new tool to help an individual stand out is by doing an audio version of his or her resume. The audio version can show an employer the personality of the individual. The audio interview can be uploaded along with a resume to be sent to prospective companies, or it can be burned to a disc and mailed or hand delivered to the company. Either method will be sure to make your resume stand out from a traditional paper resume.

4. An audio resume is great, but a video resume can make an individual stand out even more. With technology, video resumes let an individual shine in picture and voice. The potential employers are able to view and hear what an individual has to offer for their company. Technology is the new way to make a resume stand out in the modern age.

Make sure to keep the resume current with the accurate information before using any of these tips. These ideas using new technology to make individuals stand out can lead to a better job resume. Resumes take patience and time to prepare since the resume should be prepared with attention to every detail. The paper resume should stand out with capitalization, underlining, indentations and bold lettering to emphasize important details. Add a portfolio, audio or video presentation to enhance the experience for a potential employer. With some creativity, an individual can have the best job resume to highlight his or her skills and experiences to show that they are the best ones for that position.

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