It’s naive to think that the career you chose after college will give you the same satisfaction in twenty years time. Of course there are those who are able to harness a life-long passion and develop an evolving career over a few decades, but for many, career change advice is needed. As we develop in age so do our interests and priorities, and the concept of having a single career that spans a lifetime is becoming quite dated. This article highlights why career change is good for some and offers advice on how to make the move, whether the economy is booming or in a slump.

What is Your Ideal Profession?

Even if you know you despise your current career, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can pin point your direction in another. Your first step in stepping off your current career path is to evaluate what you can and cannot live without; otherwise you will end up in the same unsatisfied situation just in a different job. Consider what you can compromise on; for example do you have to work in a team-orientated environment or be self-employed? The first career change advice tip is to ask yourself these questions.


Although another career may seem ideal, it may be that you have a narrowed view of its tasks and roles. Perhaps you are a corporate who is tired of pushing papers, enjoys field work and loves to help people. You may decide that social work is the ideal career choice for you as you love the idea of reaching out to people. However, proper research will reveal how much bureaucracy is involved in certain social work positions. An important piece of career change advice is to do the ground research, join relevant clubs and social groups, volunteer or if time allows complete a job shadow. This will prepare you for what a particular job is really about.

Be Your Own Boss

Often the major concern for dissatisfaction in a career is working for a boss. Being an entrepreneur allows you to channel all your energies into your own passion to achieve your own goals and manage your own time. However, owning your own business allows for flexibility up to a point as businesses don’t run themselves. Furthermore, you will also carry all the risk if the business fails. The best career change advice is to do your research, know your competitors and make your product or service stand out from the rest.

Don’t Let Self-Doubt Triumph

Self doubt is the toughest obstacle in making a career change. Often the fear of not being able to provide for your family or doubting your own abilities can cripple any aspirations. To help dissolve financial fears, make sure that you have savings to fall back on, as a new business or career may not take off immediately. As a final piece of career change advice, there are always good reasons not do something, but if you find there are more reasons for a career change, make the move and do something that you really love.

About the author: Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business related news and topics. Articles include how to make your office space more green to sourcing the ideal serviced offices Mayfair has on offer.


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