Self Motivation Techniques for Life

There are a number of times when you are a faced in a situation and you feel stumped. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to move any body part at will. You feel dejected, unwanted and unloved. Much that you would want to look around and cry for help, you only find yourself standing there staring at your own self.

In difficult situations, it is hard to motivate yourself to get your booty out of the rut. It is easier to go into your little corner, do nothing, and continue to pity yourself. But in doing that, you only push yourself further into the pit. There comes a time when you are too down below, that extracting yourself out the abyss might be a darn hard thing to do.

In situations like these, there are a few survival techniques to help get you out of the predicament. These are:

1. Zest for life – you should love life. You take each day as a challenge to do new things and pursue your dreams. This would mean appreciation of all the small things that comes your way – a flower that blooms on the sidewalk, a little birdie perching on a tree, a child joyously shrieking while playing tag in the yard, a neighbors’ smile, a nice sunny weather and a good breakfast! Being thankful of lifes’ little gifts can sure motivate you to start your day right.

2. Calm disposition – a person who does not overreact to situations are more likely to think clearly and rightly. A calm disposition would give the brain enough leeway to assess the situation rationally and logically. Calmness could motivate you to act in a manner that would be right for everybody and avoid conflicts and outright confrontation.

3. Social skills – what can motivate you more than having friends around! Be it in the neighborhood, the workplace, church or in anyplace you go. It will be heartwarming to see neighbors greet you and nod in recognition as they see you pass the streets. A good social relation to people around can do a lot of wonders to motivate you each day. There can be no greater joy, than seeing people happy with your presence and thankful that you are around.

4. Procrastination – this is one habit that should be done away with immediately. If there is one culprit that could kill off motivation outright – this is it! You normally postpone things, if you are not happy with it. But if it is something that you have to do, then there should be no further argument but for you to do it. The pill does not become less bitter by taking it some other day. It is as bitter today, as it is in any other day. Knowing this basic truth, would help pump you up to go do it – and damn the torpedoes!

5. Belief in God – there can be no greater motivator than believing in an Almighty God, who is the final arbiter of the heavenly court. He is the last recouse if all things goes wrong and the stabilizing factor in every mans’ life.

Motivation Techniques for Business Improvement

Just like the motivational factors that affects an individual, a business is nothing but a conglomeration of all individual motivational techniques. The techniques for businesses are as follows:

1. Right business policy – any individual working in a company would be motivated to work efficiently if he knows that the policies adopted by the company are above board. That policies are in accordance with moral and legal standards, and not contrary to law and order. If adhered to, people working for the company would be happy to wake up each day and work for it.

2. Respect to peers, bosses and subordinates – the company’s environment should be more or less like that of a home where everything is working harmoniously. It is a damper to work for a company whose people are always in each others’ throat. Respect to all employees regardless of position and title, would be a sure-fire motivational tool for people to be happy working for it everyday.

3. Environmental factors – an employee would love to work in a company that is clean, orderly – and a workplace that is conducive to working. If the company environment falls short of this requirement, people would not be motivated to do their best.

Motivation techniques for life and business is basically a state of mind. It can be sum up in three little words – zest for life! If you love life, no amount of motivation can spice up your day. You are spiced to the brim, as it is!

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