With potentially hundreds of people applying for the same job as you, how do you make sure your application gets noticed? How do you make sure you get called to interview? Here we discuss four sure-fire ways to make sure your job application is the one that stands out from the crowd.

Read the Advert & Tailor Your Application

This might sound simple enough, but a lot of people tend to skim read the advert and fire off the same old covering letter and email. This won’t work. Take your time to carefully read each advert highlighting the key points such as the skills and experience you need to have.

Once you’ve read through the advert, draft up an application tailored to the requirements. Some companies simply request a résumé and covering letter, while others have specific forms or requests. Rewrite this until you’re completely happy and feel it accurately reflects you.

This will ensure that your application isn’t rejected straight away. Employers like to see people who have thoroughly read their application process, and made a conscious effort to tailor their applications.

Showcase Your Work

When sending off an application, many people forget to include a few examples of their work. While this is not always necessary, for a design or writing job it may be the difference between you making interview stages or not.

By PDFs or links to some of your work online, you can show the prospective employer exactly what you can do. This will also give them something to talk about with you should you be called to interview.

Only send a couple of small examples, but aim to send as diverse examples as possible. This will show off your talents. Again, make sure these examples are tailored to the specific position and are genuinely your work.

Do Some Research

Before you send off any application, make sure you have researched the company you’re applying to. That way you can further tailor your application and make sure that you stand out from fellow applicants. A well researched application will demonstrate your desire for the role better than one missing it.

Mention any accolades the company may have won, and talk about how your skills can benefit their existing skill set. This need only be mentioned in one sentence but it makes the application more personal and shows that thought has gone into the piece.


Before you hit “send” on that email, or post your letter, make sure you have proof read it. Small errors can often make you look haphazard and careless, so take the time to check your spelling and grammar. Ensure the name of the recipient and the company are also spelled correctly to avoid embarrassment.

When you send off a job application, there is no guarantee you’ll get a response but if you do and aren’t successful, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. This can help you when applying for other positions and many companies will be more than happy to offer some helpful advice.

About the author: Interim management specialists Outcomes UK are also a leading provider of social care recruitment. Contact them today to see what they can do for you.


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