Any helpful advice for writing a good cover letter?

I am planning to apply for a job, but the online application requires a cover letter, what should I include to guarantee myself hired?

Also, can anyone give samples of good objectives for resumes?
I would really appreciate your help, thanks in advance!

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3 Responses to “Any helpful advice for writing a good cover letter?”

  1. baileyastrok says:

    I don’t think it is possible to *guarantee* you will be hired, but you can increase your chances by reading the employment ad carefully and specifically mentioning the skills the company is asking for and how you will be able to provide them if hired.

    I’ve taken many business communication courses over the years, and the more modern resumes generally seem to be moving away from the practice of including an objective. In my own opinion, it is hard to describe your objectives in one or two sentences without coming across as phoney, and describing your plans and how the company is a part of these plans is what the resume and cover letter are doing for you anyway.

    Good Luck!

  2. Nohappy says:

    One good objective is:
    A motivated customer relations specialist with six years experience in the retention and satisfaction of the automotive customer and almost 2 years of servicing the medical waste customer. I’m looking to implement my existing skills in a new role with expanding responsibilities that are challenging.

    Another one is:
    To become part of a team that can utilize my existing skills and to learn new ones in an exciting and unique way.

    Another one:
    Obtain a position utilizing my communication, management, mentoring / teaching skills to add value while meeting company goals and achieving the corporate mission.

    also keep in mind that no matter how good your resume or cover letter is, there is no guarentee that you will be hired. Your face to face interview can determine if you get the job or not. As long as you are positive and upbeat, your chances will increase.

  3. JLMelvin says:

    The website listed below has many free resources. Check out their free ebook on resume cover letters and review the sample cover letter…