Part 2 – “He Got Me Fired!” The Work of Byron Katie

Link to part 3 www.youtube.com A woman believes her boss fired her and is having difficulty finding a new job. Using the four questions and turnaround of The Work, Byron Katie offers the woman a way to shift her thinking, position her career and put an end to her suffering. Part 2 For more videos visit: www.thework.com
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8 Responses to “Part 2 – “He Got Me Fired!” The Work of Byron Katie”

  1. tervetytto says:

    Gosh, what has possible, is that true? face lift, ranch, or money to do with her work. Byron Katie is wonderful, wonderful, the “Work” brings peace to the tormenting thoughts. Yes we can always see things differently

  2. tervetytto says:

    Love Your work. Thanks for this video

  3. whynotnancy says:

    Enlightened people can long his face also can love money very much. That’s it.

  4. ColdNova75 says:

    @ColdNova75 As for Katie loosing her way ,I hear this a lot from certain quarters online, but as I said i’m new to all this,so I haven’t a qualified opinion. I also hear criticism about her supposedly having had a face lift etc , and having a nice ranch with loads of cash.

    Maybe the point is that she’s not some Jesus figure,just an ordinary person who got the chance to help people in an amazing way,I could be totally wrong,and I’d hope someone can explain or correct me if I am.
    peace xx.

  5. ColdNova75 says:

    @ColdNova75@ColdNova75….Still , I can see how I made thing’s much worse for myself by digging my own emotional hole , getting bitter and resentful until I had a breakdown.

    If I had been able to use the work I think I might have been more disconnected from my own destructive thought’s , and not cared about “who was to blame “, but how I could have reacted more constructively, better still just have known what was true ,what wasn’t , and been at peace….

  6. ColdNova75 says:

    @serendipityinlife Hi , i’m quite new to all this , so in one context I can see what you mean , especially when I think of my own past when I’ve been fired for totally wrong reasons (imo).

    Saying that I had a disability , and shouldn’t have been working around ignorant “shit’s”like John lol….(cont)

  7. serendipityinlife says:

    This is nonsense, John sounds a complete shit and trying to give him the benefit of the doubt is a waste of time. This woman’s subconscious saved her from an awful boss by getting herself fired. She was unhappy and unwilling to face it so her subconsious stepped in to save her. I think Byron Katie is loosing her way, she is ‘telling’ people like a sermon more and more rather than letting them speak for themselves. Her interviews feel different from some of the earlier ones.

  8. innerbeing1983 says:

    really good, I like Katie a lot!