How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days – The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search

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How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days – The 5 Step Guide
to a Successful Job Search


“Ninety days or three months is our ideal for ‘quickly,’” say Jim Stokely and Kathy Shabotynskyj in How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days: The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search. “Ninety days is a realistic target,” they maintain, even in the current economic climate.

Whether you are currently unemployed or seeking a job change, Stokely and Shabotynskyj “will take you on a directed course toward a new job.” They detail a sequence of actions built around five key steps:
1. Embrace transition
2. Prepare to promote yourself
3. Reach out for information and contacts
4. Utilize your network and identify target employers
5. Impress the interviewers, negotiate, and land a GOOD job

How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days rolled off the press in September of 2009 and is now available from the book’s publisher Burnett, Cole & Irving and available to Kindle readers. In its pages you’ll find a treasure trove of pointers for defining, sourcing, investigating, and landing a GOOD job. Follow the sequence set forth and you will reach your goal.

What is a GOOD job? According to Stokely and Shabotynskyj, a GOOD job is one that fits your preferred career and your preferred job type. Answering the manuscript’s questions will lead you to your preferred job type and will allow you to define your version of a GOOD job.

While you navigate this step-by-step guide to achieve your career goals, you will be enlightened by Jim’s story of his job search and by Kathy’s insights from the recruiter’s perspective. The authors’ collective wisdom has materialized on these pages due to the power of networking, as Jim and Kathy have collaborated but have yet to meet face to face.

Jim Stokely has 25 years of experience in hiring, compensation, and other employment issues. A former Director of Human Resources at OSRAM SYLVANIA, a Siemens company, he earned his BA from Yale and his MBA from Stanford.

Kathy Shabotynskyj is a career coach and recruiter working with individuals and corporations on career transitions. Her career coaching skills were developed at Right Management Consultants, one of the world’s leading outplacement firms. In addition to career coaching, she currently recruits for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

Now, with How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days, Stokely and Shabotynskyj have put together a short course in finding a job. Any reader interested in getting employed or finding a better job will learn from and enjoy this straightforward guide.

How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days: The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search includes 172 pages sized for easy Kindle reading. Click BUY and you are on your way to a GOOD Job.

How to Find a GOOD Job in 90 Days – The 5 Step Guide to a Successful Job Search

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