A question on how to submit this application for a job?

There is a job that I want to apply for. It is for a freelance writing position. All applications must be submitted online. Included, they want: your resume, a piece of sample writing, and a list of other columns you’d be interested in writing for (since I’m applying to write for a particular column).

Normally I would just send the email with my resume and my writing sample as attachments. But, it says “Attachments might not be considered.” I am completely confused! How am I supposed to send in my stuff? Just copy and paste it into the email? That doesn’t make any sense!

Does anybody have any advice? I do not want to mess the opportunity up just because of bad etiquette. This is a company I really want to write for. Help!

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4 Responses to “A question on how to submit this application for a job?”

  1. LL says:

    Since that’s their requirement, “attachments might not be considered”, I would say copy and paste to the last bit of your email, just to be safe. Do it neatly of course. And don’t paste two or three samples coz it will get messy looking, and they only asked for one piece, so give them that. I guess some companies doesnt want attachments coz they are worried about viruses and all, so just abide to their request, you would be fine, good luck :)

  2. misslabeled says:

    Inline in the body of the email is exactly what they want. It makes a lot of sense. Many places with not accept attachments because of the virus and malware risk. I keep a fancy formatted resume and a plain text resume for just these reasons. You never want to defy the direction given you by a potential employer. You’ll get the delete key pretty quickly that way.

    Begin your email with your cover letter, and include that following your plain text resume are your writing samples. Separate the items with with a line of about 20 underscores. Sample writing shouldn’t be very long.

  3. A.J. says:

    Some companies do not have the ability to receive attachments, as a part of IT security. If they do not accept attachments, then yes; you would just copy and paste the resume and writing samples into the body of the email.

  4. Jm e says:

    Your question states that they want you to submit it online, but then in the next paragraph, you reference emailing it. Which one do they want? If they want it online, they will have a website that you fill out a form and then upload your attachements. That is how it is done where I work. So, your question is a bit confusing. You just need to make sure you follow the proper procedure or they won’t be considering your application if you can’t even follow directions for applying.
    Good Luck!