resume question?

Ok i applying for my first real job. It ask for refrences a resume a writing sample and college transcripts. What type of people should i provide for the resume. so far i have 2 co-workers but i dont want to ask my boss to be my third so who should i ask? (it cant be a relative). Also for the writing sample they want a report or something from school…. should i send the whole report or just some of it?

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10 Responses to “resume question?”

  1. balletdncr says:

    family friend or another co-worker.

  2. Parrot says:

    Do you know of any college professors that would give you a reference? They always make great references.

  3. Jessiels1 says:

    your teacher or principal

  4. crystaldragon49 says:

    use a friend as a 3rd ref.and yes why not send the whole report
    it cant hurt to try it

  5. Robin A. says:

    If you don’t have a former boss, put down one of your professors from school. On a writing sample, provide them with a few pages or an executive summary (if you have one). They just want to see that you can write, organize your thoughts, etc.

  6. bitchenbrod says:

    A teacher or a long-time family friend would be a good reference. I think a portion of the report would be fine.. if you were able to cut out a good section that made sense on its own.

  7. Kim says:

    The best references are people you have worked for or who you have worked with for a substantial period of time. A second best reference would be a family friend who has known you for an extended period of time and who holds an impressive job title. It is very important to ask permission of someone before using them as a reference. As for the writing sample, I would either choose something from a business related class or I would create something new, perhaps a short research document on the company you are applying to. That will show that you have an interest in the company. And please, please use spelling and grammar check on everything you are submitting. I will pass over an otherwise borderline applicant if there are spelling and grammar errors on any part of the information submitted. Don’t forget your cover letter even if it is not requested.

  8. PatV says:

    Your 3rd reference should be someone who has known you a long time – former teacher, coach, longtime family friend. But get this person’s permission first – same with the other references. And insure you are providing correct phone numbers/address.

    Before you choose the writing sample, consider your audience. Is this position one with lots of writing, reports, etc.. If so, send an entire paper that you received an A on. Whatever you choose, needs to be your best work and something that reflects time and effort on your part.

    If you haven’t done so, make sure you have an original copy of your birth certificate, an original social security card, and at least 1 original and 1 copy of your college transcript and one original copy of your high school transcript. Also you should have your own immunization record in your files.
    Good luck….

  9. globalreach says:

    a family friend or college professor or principal would be good :) send the whole report :)

  10. Alexis says:

    References are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL! This means co-workers, supervisors, old bosses, etc. No-one cares what your best friend or neighbor says. They want to hear about who you are, how dependable you are, and how well you do your job.

    I hope this helps! :)