Why You Are Unemployed – Part 2

The death of the middle class, and the real purpose of government education… Sources: www.fdrurl.com
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25 Responses to “Why You Are Unemployed – Part 2”

  1. jamerfunk says:

    @ParapaDrifter I provided facts twice, and twice you dismiss them as rhetoric. You are a moron who’s in denial of reality. Did i watch the 08 primary’s? are you serious?
    And finally I’m a troll if whaty and wheny, Blow it out ya arse, you paid sucker of satans cock, puker of political time-wasting lies.

    Notice you’re the only creep promoting Ron (Vatican shit licking, Masonic Cock) Paul.

  2. Empathica1 says:

    As a recent high school graduate, I can absolutely confirm what you say about school. I never learned a single thing in school, in fact I tutored other people. I would have been better off (and smarter) getting a full time job and actually contributing to society rather than sitting around in school all day. But no, I had to sit around so that employers would want to hire me. Public Education Rocks

  3. Strompel501 says:

    Hello, I am 19 years old, male and I live in Europe. I have no job, because every day I painfully realise I have no real useful skills, be it management, business, arts, or even practical. I sat out my high school “sentence”, which I actually saw more as a long and undeserved punishment than as a center of knowledge. Now I have no job, no negotiating position because I have no real skill in anything, and I’ve apparantly turned into this blob-individual with no society value. Point understood.

  4. hugesinker says:

    What forum does this person use to actually interact with people who genuinely and honestly want to discuss these things?

  5. pottypants2112 says:

    The first video doesn’t make since with this the second part. Your first argument states that the current government is a despotism and this section speaks of what’s actually happening (socialism/communism). If you are refferring to a specific country you might want to mention which one. Because the United States of America is far from a Despotism at this time in history. We are however, heading into a socialist and communist state because of our current corrupt leaders.

  6. pottypants2112 says:

    The people still have more power than you are giving them credit for. Our votes do still count. If worse does come to worse the people who still have some gonads will fight back and take the country back from our currently corrupted government. If you don’t believe it then go hide in your bunker while all the shit hits the fan. Because when it does hit the fan I’m getting my 50 calibur out and I’m going politician hunting.

  7. VincentVonGoat says:

    Simply awesome.

  8. TimothyBragan says:

    Oh my god, I came multiple times!

  9. ParapaDrifter says:

    @jamerfunk I was under the impression that Ron Paul has talked about “these things” how old are you? Why do you insist on backing your opinions with rhetoric?

    Ron paul has done quite a bit to educate and explain to the people the evils of the FED and how it enables the US’s empiric foreign policy. Didn’t you watch the 08 primaries?

    Be advised, you’re a troll if you continue this juvenile effort to explain yourself with rhetoric. If Ron Paul is controlled opposition where is he misleading us?

  10. FlashVirus says:


    I don’t like the whole “IRS AND FEDERAL RESERVE ARE PRIVATELY OWNED” argument. The Federal Reserve chairman is appointed by the President. Does the President of America appoint the president of walmart? Haha. Its obvious these are semi-private corrupt organizations connected to the state.

  11. arzoyan says:

    Employment system is the wage slavery of immense humanity in a monetary web deception and control in the interest of the OWNING/RULING class. The Market system is the template of alienation of humanity, a hostile,competative,wastful,de­structive mechanism just to make rich richer and for majority to suffer inevitably. The perpetuation of Capitalism is crime against humanity , We can reclaim our live and our Earth for cooperation for our common needs and well being , Capitalism is evil.

  12. rockabillydj says:

    Stef- You hit the nail, directly, on the head, and you drive it in. Excellent commentary. It is too bad the majority of people will become ostrich-stoned syndrome when listening, because it IS too much for these self-indulgent hollywierd Americans living in the illusion they will be the next one up on American Idol, to understand reality.
    Reality bites, yup, sure does. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

  13. toyotabedzrock says:

    Warning this guy morphs into a libertarian tea party personality.

  14. jamerfunk says:

    @ParapaDrifter suggest you do your own research. If you want to waste life following a leader then go ahead. I don’t need Ron Mason Paul to explain the decption of the private corporation called the Fed. As to Foreign policy its always better to get your own house in order first, something America still needs to work on. The IRS is a private corporation too. And there’s your proof that Ron Paul is dirty. There’s evidence.
    Question why doesn’t Ron tell you these things After 17 yrs on the Job?

  15. ParapaDrifter says:

    @jamerfunk in other words, what do you suggest?

  16. ParapaDrifter says:

    @jamerfunk — you seem to believe in yourself… so tell me. is what Ron Paul is talking about, (in regards to — the FED, IRS, Foreign Policy issues) not important?

    A tell tale sign to me that exposes idiot trolls is when the troll doesn’t back up what he says with actual context instead of rhetoric. Give me a little more of what you believe instead of Rodin Math…. which leader do you look up to for guidance?

    Don’t just say vatican conspiracy and thats it… back it up.

  17. BlancGivre says:

    Governments are criminal outlaws. In the wild west, outlaws would stick a gun in your face and say: “Gimme your money.” That is exactly what governments are doing today. JD in Montreal.

  18. arzoyan says:

    Unemployment is the essential reserve of the army of labor to keep the price of the wage slavery down as to maximise Profit for the criminal ruling/owning class. Capitalism is the wage slavery of immense humanity in a Politically manipulated,tyrannical Market System of artificial scarcity and manipulation to perpetuate the conditions of wage-slavery in the interest of few elite. Capitalism is the organised,legalised robbery of the working class. Capitalism is crime against humanity

  19. menderfire9 says:

    Thee personal side of this tragedy is that I have brought 2 children into the world and they are now slaves. Slaves with toys. And our children have brought children into the world who will also become slaves and it breaks my heart. Literally.

    I see pregnant young girls and I cry for them and their children. Of course they think I am horribly negative, even crazy. They are so busy trying to get-by that they don’t read or think outside the box; they don’t know how wrong our system is!

  20. AliciaAngelfire says:

    This is too depressing, I can’t bare it.

  21. jamerfunk says:

    @ParapaDrifter Regards Rodin Math, better go to the source for that kinda question.

    Ron (Masonic bend-over and take Vatican orders) Paul, 17 years in congress, (that should raise eyebrows on its own.)
    50 million dollars from the American people, where did the money go?

    He serves as a magnet for the disenchanted because he sounds as though he’s saying the right things. The good cop bad cop trick, but hey he’s still a slave taking his orders. He’s a good Catholic slave.

  22. ParapaDrifter says:

    @GtheMVP they also are taking advantage of the fact that America doesn’t impose many tariffs on imports.

  23. ParapaDrifter says:

    @jamerfunk — pretty intriguing, “Rodin Mathematics” — could you explain Rodin Math to me in a broad sense? I want to learn about it.

    As far as the rest of your comment, I’ve got a question. If Ron Paul is working against the classic liberal ideals of America. What purpose is he serving?

  24. CyberAthletethefirst says:

    @Panpiper Awesome cheers :o)

  25. HolySpiritSentMe says:

    Nice! 5*****s