In RESUME, does everything In Experience have to be Impressive:What if your duties were basic filing,, etc?

In sample resumes you always have things like

-Performed follow up calls with 10,000 local and international customers and negotiated contractss……etcc
( i made that up)

In other words
a) Impressive and has numbers b) it shows how it helped the company

But what if your job was a short 3 week job where all you did was Filing, Faxing, and mailing a few things.. Nothing in the 1000′s.. nothing that really made much of a difference.

Even resume books say you should use Action words and tell how what yu did made a difference and helped the company.

What am i supposed to do when all i did was file and faxed 10 documents. No wonder i’m not getting jobs. It’s not impressive.

I have 3 job experiences in my resume, the most recent 2 are good enough because i was there for 8 moths and 1 1/2 years. But that other one was just 3 weeks and what i did is not impressive.

Also even my other jobs were basic filing and scanning. there’s nothing impressive with what i did.

• Organized thousands of documents required by personnel in the administrative department. ( This is what i put for one job experience)

That was just repetitive simple task but it’s not really the same as someone who would say “I created a Mathematical Forecasting system using C++ for weather reports”

So how do i make a Simple job experience be impressive when all i did was faxing and filing and organizing and it wasnt much.

I’m 29 male.
To coo..

i’m not a recent grad. I’m 29 , graduated in 2003. and I’ve never had long term great jobs. Mostly simple jobs

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2 Responses to “In RESUME, does everything In Experience have to be Impressive:What if your duties were basic filing,, etc?”

  1. unschoolymomma says:

    You don’t need to put down a 3 week job unless you can get a good reference from that short time that you were there. Also be honest. Don’t put it on your resume if you don’t feel the need to, but if you want to just put down it was filing. Honesty is the best policy.

  2. coo says:

    I think you should only write the job title of this job without explaining your duties, unless you were asked during an interview, so you would tell them the reason that made you leave it after 3 weeks.
    Also note that it is expected from any graduate in his first jobs to do such repetitive simple tasks, so it is not a problem.