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As a graduate student, the least thing you want to do is spend so much time researching on how to write a Resume or CV. And even if you want to make a break, sooner or later you will have to make the first step in order to apply for a job; you will need your Resume or CV ready in minutes. These are four essential stages for you to find out how to write a resume that stands out above the rest!

First stage: Collecting the information

Collect only useful information that is relevant to your job! If you are applying for a number of similar jobs or fields, try to write a couple of Resumes by simply providing only important accurate details relevant to the job description.

Second stage: Start Writing a Resume

Organize your Resume in a following order:

1. Objective (concise, focused and compiling statement why you are qualified for the job position and how an employer would benefit from hiring you)

2. Experience (if applicable list your all your jobs related to the job you are applying for, consider listing volunteer experience as well, because non-paid experience is equally as valuable as paid experience)

3. Education (since this is strongest asset for graduates, focus the reader on your academic credentials and continued commitment to your education by listing your major and minor area of study with classes relevant to the job that you are seeking)

Third stage: Key Elements for Resume of Graduate Student

As a finishing graduate there are four key elements that you need to include in your Resume:

1. Association Memberships (list all memberships related to your job target to demonstrate characteristics important to the job you are applying for)

2. Your Volunteer Work (list all your volunteer work through separate accomplishments, capabilities or skills sections)

3. Computer Knowledge (list all your software and hardware knowledge)

4. Knowledge of other Languages (knowledge of a second language or more will definitely make your Resume stand out from the rest of the candidates)

Fourth stage: Finishing Touch!

Be sure to include short right verb tenses and strong action words and key terms. As a finishing graduate use specific key words to bust up you leadership and team roles that you have had. For example: organized, performed, maintained, developed, team work, supervised, executed, etc. Here are a couple of additional rules to make your Resume elegant and smart:

1. In marketing there is a general rule “Give them what they want”. So, try to include as many relevant points as possible,

2. Crucial to avoid grammar and spelling errors,

3. Exclude details that do not relate to the position that you are applying for.

4. Do not include the names of any referees (once they ask you for them you can give these).

5. After you drafted a couple of Resumes try to find right Resume Template for the perfect visibility of your wording!

These are really essential points in each and every Resume that you need to prepare as a graduate student. Apply these rules and you will have a great Resume in your hands in no time! That will be your first crucial step towards your job seeking process. So, watch your step buddy!

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