“The Job Hunt” Original Short

A short film dedicated to all of those who have faced the frustration of using on-line job search sites such as monster.com and yahoo hotjobs. Make sure to watch in higher quality because then…it won’t suck–as much. Well…at least the video QUALITY won’t. Go check out garishyellowshirt’s vids! www.youtube.com They’re…really weird! But in a good way! ——————— Music rights purchased from omnimusic.com ——————— AkewsticRockR@gmail.com
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25 Responses to ““The Job Hunt” Original Short”

  1. masterhans12 says:

    What point did you prove? You prove you can’t stand an arguing against me because your first move will be to block user. Don’t worry its not like I care about a nigger, but I felt like answering. Have a nice black day.

  2. thegamer2222 says:

    ffs i know how this feels! im looking for a job!!!!

  3. Leetsnugglage says:


  4. musclelogan says:

    I agree with you on this one because I am going through the same stuff! Why are employers so damn picky! I can understand background check, but most of the people that they look over , are usually the ones who can do the job!

  5. seekanddestroy1200 says:

    silent rob made fun of you lololol

  6. theguysontheweb says:

    heck, i even posted a vid of me giving away free coffee headed to Kennedy Space Center…CNN did drop in :-)

  7. christiannehrt says:

    I need a frickin job man .

  8. matthewjarr2007 says:

    dude I feel your pain lol

  9. Samael527 says:

    I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be.

  10. AkewsticRockR says:

    Thank you for that relevant, well-thought criticism.

    Enjoy not commenting another video of mine ever.

  11. articice0 says:

    AkewsticRockR is homo

  12. Snotrocket1000 says:

    is it supposed to say “monstre” there? i assume so not to get in any trouble for calling monster out

  13. tjg84 says:

    This is totally true, I completely agree with this, had the same exact experience with monster and hotjobs

  14. irategamersalliance says:

    dude u like penis HAHA

  15. jacabato says:

    haha… frustrating huh?

  16. akaTRENT says:

    This is the story of my life. Sociology ftw.

  17. cybersaur says:

    Oh, that must be so “fustrating” :P

  18. AkewsticRockR says:

    The text in the opening reads:

    “His video were the first I ever watched on this site”

    I forgot the s.

  19. cybersaur says:

    What was the error in the Upset Gamer video?

  20. goddesssss says:

    Spiffy vid. I can definitely relate. At least you have the education thing down! That’s one step ahead of me. ;P

  21. goddesssss says:

    Hmm. Maybe you weren’t watching the same video I was.

  22. YankovicFarley says:

    I’m guessing he was trying to call you “a-hole” but messed up . . .

    (And to those AkewsticRockr fans out there who think this is hate, this is what he and I do to each other. Almost like brotherly love, but without the love and more gay.)

  23. DetroitGhost9 says:

    lame trying to get a job off youtubers. hahahah lame.

  24. AkewsticRockR says:


    what’s that have to do with the video?

  25. AkewsticRockR says:

    you too, huh?

    I’m working at starbucks.