Good Resume Objective

A brief handshake and giving your name are just two of the ways to let someone know who you are. A professional resume is an introduction from you to a potential employer.

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You may not be able to shake his or her hand until the interview portion, but you can still let employers know who you are. Writing a curriculum vitae is not hard, yet many people do not know how to write a resume. There are resources to help you though.

If you find that you are having writer’s block when it comes to writing your professional resume, then there are places you can turn to for curriculum vitae templates and resume samples. Microsoft Word allows you to create a resume and simply fill in the information. You save it to your computer and then either email, fax or mail the document to the employer, depending on what he or she has requested.

Good Resume Objective

A cover letter is the most often overlooked piece of paper when a person is applying for a job. This is particularly true of online job banks. People upload their curriculum vitae but fail to create a cover letter. It may explain why they do not often hear back from the company.

An employer can learn more from a good cover letter than an excellent curriculum vitae. Cover letters show intent and why you would be a good fit for the company. Take the time to write a cover letter. In today’s job market it is expected, as it demonstrates good business ethics and shows respect.

Even though there have been countless articles and interviews done on this subject, it bears repeating as some people have not learned the lesson. Do not lie on your curriculum vitae. It is good practice to make your curriculum vitae stand out, but do not do this by lying or fudging the facts.

Most companies will check to ensure that you are telling the truth about your salary history, education and your past employment. It is not worth the repercussions.

You should go into depth about your work experiences and skills. However, it is imperative that you stick to information that is related to the position being offered. It may be interesting that you can stick a spoon on your nose, but an employer may not want to know that much about you.

A professional resume gives relevant information and lets the employer know about your past work experience. If you have skills and talents that are applicable, then include this information.

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