Cover Letter for Aircraft Engine Mechanic?


Does anyone know of very good samples of a cover letter for aircraft engine mechanic?

Many thanks.

I was referring to any good samples of Cover Letter for an Aircraft Engine Technician (A&P or any other organizations). Any samples will do.


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7 Responses to “Cover Letter for Aircraft Engine Mechanic?”

  1. Warbird Pilot says:

    Aircraft engine mechanic what? You’re writing a letter to you A&P?

  2. Joe Average says:

    Any examples of a cover letter would be fine. It’s to sell yourself to an employer, not particularly field related as far as format goes.

  3. slamet says:

    The Aircracft Engine Mechanic ( Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic ) must have certificate licence :

    1. Airframe Structure ( A1 licence )
    2. Turbine Engine ( A4 licence )
    3. piston Engine ( A3 licence )

    All certificate above are called Basic Aircraft Engineer licence issued by DCA local Authority.

    For other licence certificate issued by FAA, it is called : Airframe and Powerplant Aircraft Engineer Mechanic licence .

  4. Joe G says:

    Really?? Do you have your powerplant license? If you dont, better forget getting a job.

  5. mjk says:

    Check with friends of yours who are in the industry. If you don’t have any, you may be out of luck. If I understand your question, a cover letter is what you will use to ‘sell’ yourself to a potential employer. Bottom line is you either need previous experience, whether it be military or civilian. If not, you would need to attend an ‘FAA approved’ school (assuming you want an FAA Mechanic Certificate with Powerplant Rating’). Some places will hire you if you’re ‘uncertificated’ (non-licensed), but you’ll make less money, but gain experience, if that’s your goal. Some employers require a person to be certificated, and some do not. It all depends upon the position you seek. Based on your question, though, the cover letter is to put yourself in the best possible light you can, with a prospective employer, and no one can do that but you, yourself, because your training and experience is unique to you.

  6. Darrell says:

    Joe G is being a jerk. If you are looking to get into the aviation industry it can be difficult to get in unless you have experience, or know someone that is already in the industry. I read one of the answers to ask friends in the industry on how to write your cover letter, good advice, they were once in your shoes and had to submit a resume. The other avenue to take is to go to a good aircraft school, get the training required to get your A&P license. Those aviation schools will have job placement departments that will help you write your resume, cover letters, and tell you who is hiring. If you are former military you can use your veterans assistance to get job placement advice. Lastly check with your local government agencies, there are apprentice programs that will give you the opportunity to work in the industry and go to school for free. Good luck, hope this helped.

  7. stacheair says:

    To answer your question, I happen to have samples letter on my aviation web site at: http://www.stacheair.com
    Click on Mechanic’s Tool Box, and then look in A&P Authorizations this will give you a good idea of what to list.

    Just for everyone education Airframe and Powerplant are mechanic rating, that are referred to as certificates NOT licenses. This can be found in 14 Title 49 US Code Part 65, subpart D.