What’s wrong with my resume for a job as a waitress? No one seems interested?


This is just the actual text and not the formatting such as the template version with heading etc…and name, personal info is xxxx ‘ed out just for the heck of it ..

Just wondering why people aren’t all over my resume and why aren’t any calls coming in ??


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4 Responses to “What’s wrong with my resume for a job as a waitress? No one seems interested?”

  1. lbear says:

    i can hardly read it but maybe if you have a background that could be a reason or maybe they found someone more quailfied then you

  2. jax555 says:

    employers don’t like to read too much, they want to be able to glance at a resume and find information about you INSTANTLY.

    Your resume seems to be poorly structured and laid out.

    try seperating headers from content.

    for example,

    Qualifications: blah blah blah

    Job Experience: blah blah blah

    the spaces make it easier to read, and they can go straight to the area of interest.

    Yours is a nightmare to read, its not your fault – you can of course do something about it.

    i found you a link that you might want to take a look at.

    also try to google up examples of good and bad resumes, that might help you get an idea of how to present one when you type it up in your word processor.

    oh and if you can, condense it slightly , but only if you can.
    try to get rid of information in your resume that is not important for the employer to know, but the essential stuff in though. Nobody can put everything down about them on a resume, it appears to the employer as if youre perhaps indecisive, desperate (which isnt a bad thing) and generaly unable to utilise the English language to full effect. (a 50 word life stor by one person can be written in just 3 or 4 sentences by a masterful English student…)

    all the best

  3. Fred T says:

    make it more alive and easy to read.
    put dot points.
    such as:

    140 mackwell road

    email and technical correspondence
    drivers license

    easy going, enjoy meeting new people
    put my mind to thing and get the job done.

    don’t have it all in one clump of writing. make it presentable

  4. Desert Rose says:

    I think you’ve got to split into point forms.basically you got the meat but need to re-arrange it …

    Your objective should be on the cover letter.
    -> basically the cover letter is a short summary about yourself.. and what you can bring to the company for the position you apply for …
    eg: I am confident that I can achieve the requirement set becuase I have ……
    end with: I would like to make an arrangment with you to…

    Organise your resume
    -> your bio date( like your full name, your age, your address, your contact)
    -> your education level
    -> your work experience
    -> your skills/ certification(web programing ,languages and etc )
    -> your reference (people who employees can call you vouch for you)
    Your education level and etc should be clear.
    -> school name
    -> your achievements (all in point forms)

    as for your Work experience
    -> your JOB title
    -> your period of employment
    -> your job scope:
    -> your achievement in that job scope.(winning awards and etc)

    All the best to your job hunting.

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