Rewrite Your Executive Resume To Generate Top Results Even In A Recession

Are you struggling to get your resume up to par? You aren’t alone. With such a shaky economy and uncertain business future, managers and executives everywhere are scrambling to update and strengthen their resumes. Whether you are looking for a job now or expect you will be in the near future, a powerful and up-to-date executive resume is a necessity. It is the rare executive who is fully versed in resume trends and expectations, and when it comes time to update, many turn first to trying to use a resume template. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake–one that could cost you many, many wasted months in a job search. Besides the fact that a template will do absolutely nothing to differentiate you from your competition–ensuring that your resume blends in rather than standing out–another major problem with resume templates are that they simply aren’t adaptable to the unique backgrounds of individual executives. Using a template to create an executive resume will almost always place the emphasis somewhere other than where you would like it to be, or highlight matters that you would prefer to downplay. For example, despite the fact that your accomplishments and proven delivery of results are the most important elements on an executive resume, many templates place the emphasis on your job responsibilities. Other templates will place undue emphasis on education or will unnecessarily highlight a minor element such as the actual chronology of your work experience–the years you have worked at each company. You may have a master’s degree in library science and fifteen years experience as director of human resources, but if you are seeking an executive position as a chief statistician of a major conglomerate, neither your college degree nor your work history will help you acquire the job you desire. In such a situation, you should spotlight neither your education nor your chronological work experience on your resume. You need a customized resume that reframes your accomplishments and plays up your special analytical skills. Using someone else’s one-size-for-all, cookie-cutter resume template won’t give you the foot up you need to demonstrate your abilities. Obviously, this is only one of hundreds of problems you could encounter when trying to create the perfect executive resume. Problems may range from finding just the right word to describe an accomplishment to explaining a gap in your work history. Learn to look at such problems as mere obstacles that can be overcome with creative solutions. They don’t have to turn into impassable barriers. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and strategically in promoting your value proposition. There are many resources to help you update your resume and further your executive career. If you are determined to write your own resume, you can find help in books, videotapes, seminars, websites, and many other resources. But there is another choice. A professional resume writer may be your best option for creating an effective executive resume. If you want to find someone to help you write your resume, you should seek a credentialed professional resume writer with experience working with executives. A professional resume writer can help you create a powerful and results-generating executive resume. Such assistance will often shorten your job search dramatically, will help position you for promotions, and will be invaluable to you during salary negotiations. However, just as you wouldn’t ask a medical student to perform brain surgery, asking a novice writer to create your executive resume may not be your best choice. Hire a pro-someone who is deeply familiar with the executive job market and resume trends and has the training, credentials, and certifications to illustrate her expertise. Unlike many other investments these days, investing in a professional resume writer’s assistance is an investment that will pay excellent returns!

One of the nation’s leading authorities on executive resume writing, personal branding, and job searching, Michelle Dumas is the founder of Distinctive Career Services LLC. Since 1996, Michelle has empowered thousands of executives worldwide with powerful branded resumes, executive portfolios, and job search campaigns that get results and win top-tier 6- and 7-figure jobs fast. Visit http://www.100kcareermaketing.com for free info.

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