Executive’s Pocket Guide to Roi Resumes And Job Search

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The most effective ways for executives to find high-level positions, with emphasis on creating a resume that demonstrates value.

Executive’s Pocket Guide to Roi Resumes And Job Search

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  1. M. Smith says:

    This compact guide provides an invaluable resource for executives looking to make a professional move. The writing is concise and impactful, and assumes an executive-level of knowledge and experience (no dumbed-down dummies stuff here).

    There’s very little chaff to waste your time, as the authors get right down to the business of laying out your job search strategy, establishing your ROI stories, and crafting your resume, cover letters, and other documents. Tactics and techniques are clearly spelled out, with straight-forward explanations of tactic ROI where valuable.

    Chapters include:

    1. Executive Resumes and Job Search – This chapter is about metrics. What strategies work best, how to allocate your job-search time for maximum ROI, and how to analyze your progress to keep moving forward.

    2. Develop ROI Content for Your Career Marketing Documents and Messages – Identifying your value stories, creating high-impact content for your resume, putting it together

    3. Executive Resume Writing Challenges – Drafting your resume, how to work with special cases (incomplete education, work gaps, etc.), polishing

    4. Additional ROI Documents – Weaving your stories into cover letters, elevator speeches, networking scripts, even business cards, bios, and emails. Also includes a section on how to put all your documents to use.

    5. Successful Transition Stories – Case studies of five career changers, including before-and-after resumes with critiques

    6. Gallery of Executive Career Documents – samples to get you thinking

    7. Appendix: Additional Executive Resources – some very helpful resources such as career coaches, executive resume writers, and job boards

    Overall, this book is a tremendous value for the price. It has motivated, energize, and re-directed my job search. I’m looking forward to completing a successful transition with this book as a guide.

    UPDATE from August 2009: It worked like a charm. With my newly-minted resume, cover letter, and strategy, I found my ideal job within a few months. I’ve since referred several friends and colleagues to this book, and gotten good feedback. I need to buy a new copy, though, since I loaned mine out and it never came back!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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