Job Search: Effective Resume Writing

It seems that everyone is an expert when it comes to resume writing. If you show your resume to ten different people, you will get ten totally different opinions. What is a job seeker to do when there are so many conflicting ideas when it comes to resume etiquette? Who should you write the resume for? Computer software? The screener? The recruiter? The decision maker? The answer is yes to all four. Your resume needs to take into consideration the nuances of all…


Find Freelance Writing Jobs

For writers there are a plenty of freelance jobs available online such as article writing, content writing, copywriting, web content creation, blog posting, eBook writing, editing, proof writing, translation work, re-writing projects and resume writing. But finding a suitable freelance job is a challenge for many freelancers, here are a ten simple ways a freelancer can follow to win a freelance job right away:

1. Freelance job websites- There are a variety of freelance job websites available, where a freelance writer can post his profile and bid on freelance…


How to Describe Your Strengths During a Job Interview

Along with “tell me about yourself,” “describe your strengths” is one of the questions that you know you’ll be asked in a job interview. At first blush, it sounds like an easy question. But because it’s such a broad topic, it can actually be quite difficult to answer well. Below are a few guidelines to help you prepare for and deliver a great response.

• Identify your strengths. You should think very carefully about your personal strengths well before you step foot into your interview. It’s not unusual for…


Resume Writing Services With Some Extra Add-On Services

We would like to introduce our Resume Writing Services with some extra Add-on Services. Below we have explained in details please check it.

Resume Distribution to our database of recruiters. This great service is FREE with every resume order! Over 5,000 recruiters in over 50 industries across the world have registered with us to receive resumes. We will target your resume to recruiters hiring in your city and industry.

Interview Follow Up Letter. We will create a custom follow up letter for you to send after…


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How to Write a Resume

It can be frustrating when looking for a job. To make things even harder, you must prepare an outstanding resume to catch the employer’s eye, so that you are chosen before the other list of applicants. The best way to get noticed by an employer is having a clear, concise, organized, and well-written resume.

A resume is who you are, but on paper. It should give the employer an idea of what you are all about, and whether or not you are the best candidate for the…


Job resume writing

Another woman’s organization tanks, and she finds herself out of work just as she realizes that that she’s expecting. A third finds her consulting business too slow to sustain her financially, so she starts a job search during her second trimester.

The important thing to know about pursuing a job search during pregnancy is that it can be done. While your pregnancy is a factor in your job search — and more of a factor if your due date is coming up quickly or if, for instance, you’re expecting…


Write a Good Resume – 10 Tips From the Pros

Far too many, in my opinion, assume they cannot write a good resume and choose to pay someone a lot of money to prepare their resume for them. Conversely, many others wrongly assume that they can get by just throwing a resume together on a moment’s notice. Both of these viewpoints are flawed. No, you do not need someone else to do the work in order to have a great resume. On the other hand, yes, you do need to become familiar with how to construct a resume that…


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ResumeApple Executives Resume Writing Tips Video

Www.Resumeapple.Com Has Great Executive Resume Writing Tips Video With Excellent Source For Resume Writing Services, Resume Editing Services, Cover Letter Writing, Cover Letter Drafting, Legal Resume Writing & Many More.
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