Sending cover letter, resume & sample book to companies even though they don’t say they are hiring?

I am graphic designer. I am currently employed and although I am looking for a new job I am not in any real rush.

I have started searching companies websites and all the job search engines and all that.

My question is – is it okay to send (via the mail) my resume, cover letter, and a sample book (mini hard cover books I had printed that showcase some of my best work) to a few of the major agencies I know of in my city even though I am not technically responding to a job posting?

I just wanted to see if this was something that may be looked down upon.

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5 Responses to “Sending cover letter, resume & sample book to companies even though they don’t say they are hiring?”

  1. jdecorse25 says:

    It’s not looked down upon, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. We get things faxed to us all the time, and we’re not hiring. We look at them because we’re curious, but then throw them away. That might be what happens with your things. If you think it’s worth it, then go ahead, they will be looked at.

  2. leysarob says:

    Those types of unsolicited resumes usually get trashed in my office. However, you just never know when someone might view and see you as just what they need. It’s a roll of the dice.

  3. nila says:

    That’s not a bad idea.If your work is excellent,then they call you whenever there is a requirement.

  4. wright says:

    I would only send a cover letter and resume, to prospective employers, as most of the time they keep your resume for a few weeks and then trash it, and it will become costly for you However put in your letter if they would like further information to then email or contact you, and then you could send that extra information or books at a later date!
    Its always good to keep an eye on competition and when the opportunity comes up you will be well prepared!
    Good luck!

  5. kadel says:

    No, but call them and ask if you can fax or mail over your resume and to who’s attention. You don’t want to just send it over, it will end up in the garbage. Then you have a name to follow up with. If they say no, they don’t want it, then you saved the postage and time.

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