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Should You Beware Of Free Sample Cover Letters For Customer Service Jobs?

Customer service jobs are at the forefront of the best companies in the world and are probably responsible for creating the best economies and yet, people who apply for these jobs think it can be done using free sample cover letters. People who want a career in customer service often turn to these free cover letter samples because they seem to offer the quickest and most convenient solution. And the fact that they’re free also doesn’t hurt. Or does it?

Customer service jobs are specialized jobs

There’s more to customer service jobs than meets the eye and many people simply don’t realize this, choosing to see these jobs as merely a set series of tasks that are designed to make customers happy.

On the contrary, customer service jobs are what keep many businesses afloat. Think about it: if customers are unhappy, would they stay around and do business with a company? That makes customer service jobs a highly vital component of the whole system that runs a company. So why on earth would you place your bets on a free sample cover letter to apply for a customer service job?

It’s like bad advice

You know what people say about bad advice, right? And when something is for free, you know that something has got to give. So why take your chances when you are on an important quest to land a customer service job? You want to be perceived as a quality candidate, so why not make sure your cover letter spells quality as well?

If you truly want that job, you must aim to get your foot in the door. But that in itself is difficult enough, so why ruin your chances with a free sample cover letter? These types of cover letters just don’t cut it for customer service jobs.

For one, customer service jobs are all about the details. When you use a free sample cover letter, there are certain elements there that you will have to change in order for you to find the right tone and the right combination of words to make that free sample as your own.

Problem is, many of these free sample cover letters are locked in their own time and quality zones. They are so generic that it’s almost impossible to try to integrate your personality into them. Sure, they provide a faster and quicker way to create a cover letter, but it will be so difficult to let the hiring manager see that you are so much more than those strangely familiar words and the hacked phrases.

If you use a free sample cover letter for customer service jobs, your letter could come across as highly impersonal, without concern for details – two elements that spell disaster for customer service. So if your potential employer can’t see any potential customer service mark in your cover letter, why should they bother looking for it in you?

There’s nothing wrong with using free sample cover letters and in fact, many have used them in the past, to varying results. But when you’re job hunting for a customer service job, you want positive results, sure results that will assure you of getting noticed by your potential employer. Remember that a cover letter is not a jigsaw puzzle you put together to create a whole. It should speak about your experience and convince your potential employer that you are exactly what they are looking for.

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