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How do you call back about a resume/job application without annoying people?

k so I’m in a desperate need of a job…and the couple of places that I have called back, act like I’m annoying them but I ask very respectfully about my resume/application and say that I hope they will consider me.

I mean I just don’t know what to do. I’ve given up about following up on my application and just submit them now, hoping someone will call me….


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Help with cover letter for job at an animal shelter?

I don’t know what to say in my cover letter about relevant experience because besides being a lifelong pet owner and lover, I have none. I’ve only held two part-time jobs, and they were both in offices. What should I say about my qualifications? How can I write a strong cover letter without related (official) experience?

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202 Great Cover Letters

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Get noticed and get the interview-with the right cover letter

A great cover letter is the best way to show prospective employers who you are and what you can offer. So don’t blow it! 202 Great Cover Letters delivers a treasure trove of sample cover letters that will get you noticed whether you’re applying online or in person. No matter what industry you work in, you’ll find an effective, smart cover letter for…


Managing Finances After a Job Loss or Redundancy

Managing finances after a job loss or redundancy

Gaining control over your finances is of paramount importance when the future is a little uncertain. There are many ways to combat this challenge and of course there can be unique aspects to each person’s situation. As experts in change management, we have years of experience helping people come to terms with a job loss and the financial strains that can come with this experience. Below we have listed the most important steps to assisting you cushion yourself thus allowing you…


How do I search for a job without my employer finding out?

I want to start searching for a new job, but I don’t want to cause a huge blow to my attendance by taking off tons of time to interview. Has anyone ever conducted a successful job search without making it obvious at your current job? And how did you schedule the interviews around your work schedule? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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7 Ways A More Aggressive Job Search Produces Better Results

 Is your job search producing lackluster results at best? Don’t settle for a job search that just creeps along! Instead, consider taking a more aggressive approach to take fuller advantage of high performing tactics.

You need to know that an aggressive job search techniques are unconventional, often radical, and always strategic. And they work! They outperform traditional job search strategies in 7 key ways:

(1) Make your aggressive tactics proactive: If you have been in the job market very long this is the way it is typically…


Resume Writing Tips : How to Grab an Employer’s Attention With Your Resume

Grab a potential employer’s attention with your resume by writing a fantastic objective statement and avoiding grammar mistakes. Find out how to write a stellar objective statement on a resume with the help of a management executive in this free video about writing job resumes. Expert: Gloria Dixon Campbell Bio: Gloria Dixon Campbell has an executive MBA in management from the University of South Florida, and a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz…
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Cover Letters in less than 2 minutes

Learn the basics of how to write a cover letter is about one minute! This document is just as important as the resume in communicating your skills, experiences and qualities – be sure to get it right! … cover letter job search documents career services SUNY Oswego writing skills
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Interview Tips – The First Steps in your Job Search

Brian Krueger, President of, presents “The First Steps in your Job Search.” Watch this video to find out how to succeed in your interview.
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Surviving Unemployment

Unemployment is excruciatingly painful to most people. The uncertainty weighs heavily.

Will I have to move?

Will my next job be as good?

How is the job market? How is the job market for someone with my skills?

Am I too old? Too young?

These questions get bigger in your mind, in part because you’re alone. And, once again, you don’t know what is coming around the next bend.

I’m a consultant, which means that I’m periodically unemployed. I’m usually pretty busy, but there are times when I finish…


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