Lodges Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Company Jungle and canisters

Trip was in March 2010 (Selection was not possible but we still want to do this rating) 

We booked the 3-night package and stayed at Caves Branch in March 2010. We had a treehouse and that was really, very nice and tastefully decorated. But it should be lower than a price of 450 per night. Because this lodge is worse than a resort. 

We were greeted nicely and after the arrival by bus and a 500meters walk to the lodge we were kindly checked in, left the luggage and were instructed with the ""rules"". The so-called ""all inclusive package"" includes all local drinks and soft drinks. Attention: As soon as you order a drink (for example long drink) you should ask, if this is made as local drink. Otherwise, the employees like to to charge your credit card. In addition, water is served only for meals and that in 5l canisters. These are always collected after the meal and the water is replenished. I found this a bit disgusting, as it only refilled and tasted stale and looks like that. The good thing is that it is very environmentally friendly and saves garbage. Of course you could do this a little better with glass carafes. Also in the Treehouse we had such a canister. But if you are at the pool or want to have a water before/after meals that is not possible. Upon request, if they had no smaller bottles, this was confirmed. They have small bottles of water (1l), but these are reserved for Mr. Anderson, ""the big boss"" as the staff call him and told us. I could not believe it. But the other waiter confirmed this. I wonder if it matters to him on those few pennies. Mr. Anderson probably does not like drinking from the 5L canisters. 
Also, the pool is designed as in a 3-star all-inclusive resort. With stools in the water at a bar. Reminiscent of a resort from the 80s. 

We did go to excursions (and this is an absolute must). It was great and we had a very nice and really good guide. 

I would say the Lodges Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Adventure Company Jungle is absolutely average, with its downsides and advantages.