Jumby Baya Rosewood Resort (Antigua and Barbuda) - pros and cons

We spent 6 nights in Jumby Bay and can say for sure: it is a nice resort that attracts a lot of people. Restaurants, the use of the gym and a swimming pool with famous faces become routine. That said it has some notable flaws that may still be an issue to some travelers especially as spending enormous sums of money per night. 
 The class 
 1 No snakes! 
 2. Celebrity guests were not intervened. I've never seen anyone who has a photo or disturbed them. They were the guests like us.
 3. Place! The resort was not overload. The loungers are well distributed and you have a space with privacy. No problems getting a good chair, it is granted in the summer. 
 4. Our suite was spacious and well equipped. We even had the outdoor shower and the sea view . 
 5. No key! Do not worry about the key. 
 6. The Crescent Beach is big. 
 7. The Sunday BBQ night was cool. 
 8. The Manor House Bar is a beautiful place. The service was great too. 
 9. It is quiet and private. 
 10. The staff is great and very friendly. 
 11. The all-inclusive concept works well. The selection of wine and drinks are well thought out and of a high standard. Checks or tipping with the signing is great all the time. 
 The average 
 1 The sea is not very inviting. It unfortunately has conchs and starfish in it, if you step on, your feet will hurt. There are small areas where you can swim deep. Most of the ocean is not for swimming or serviceable. The water is clear, but snorkeling on the beach is not available. 
 2. The food! It is not detoxing. It's more like to be an effort of making interesting or original dishes. However meals sound special the flavors are usually failing. The only daily fresh fish is always mahi. The breakfast is so banal and boring. Not tasty omelets. I am convinced that guests have no other options (you are on a private island). But they think it is acceptable, it is all inclusive. 
 3. Lack of fresh fish. I mean, we are landing on an island from London, New York and Miami. With the daily rates of 1000$ why there is so much frozen fish on the menu? 
 4. The beach has many roots, some places with dirty sand and insects. 
 5. There is bird droppings throughout the place. The island is a nature reserve with rich fauna and flora. 
 6. You need an air-conditioned restaurant in summer. 
 All in all it is still a nice resort and ideal for those looking for peace, privacy and an upscale experience. I can understand why celebrities choose this resort. We found the sea problem most disturbing yet we pretty much enjoyed our time. Having seen the downsides in this review and if you can afford it, should you check in. I would still recommend the Jumby Baya Rosewood Resort (Antigua and Barbuda).