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Writing a resume for a data entry/ filer position?

I just need a little help! I have NEVER had to write a resume before and this job application is requiring one. : )
I would like some actual help. I get so confused on websites like that due to many different sites, have many different opinions. So, which is the best way?!

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3 Responses to “Writing a resume for a data entry/ filer position?”

  1. Summer says:

    there are places where you can pay someone to write one for you. Never done it myself so I’m not really sure where but try going to an employment office and ask if anyone can help you with one or where you can get help with writting a resume or ask a smart friend or relative.

  2. mike p says:

    Go to your local unemployment office, They schedule regular classes on writing resumes, and its free.

  3. The Original Alan J BlackBird says:

    Get in touch with one of those agencies that charge you $20 to write a professional looking resume for you.